Post Construction Solutions

AKRA's unique solutions to the building process do not end with the completion of the building. Additional activities include:

Owner's Manual -
When purchasing a new car, owners receive a detailed owners manual describing the use and maintenance of their new purchase. Why should it be any different for the owner of a new building? AKRA provides a comprehensive owner's manual which provides detailed information on the material and systems that make up the project, as well as maintenance suggestions and schedules. From Alarm systems to HVAC drawings, the owner's manual provides the one resource for knowing all about the new structure.

One Year site update -
On the anniversary of a building's completion, AKRA makes a site visit to review the performance of the structure, and identify any opportunities for improving and extending the function and life of the building.

Business Facilitation -
Finally, as your building partner, our role does not end with the completion of the project. Rather, we feel it is our responsibility to identify business opportunities and ideas that can positively impact the growth and direction of AKRA's customer base. The AKRA team includes the former chairman of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce, as well as many other business professionals. As a result, AKRA is well suited to provide unique opportunities for business expansion and ideas to out customers.

"as your building partner,
our role does not end with
the completion of the project."