Competitive Advantages of AKRA

 "Building Solutions™" is not just a motto - it's our commitment. From inception through completion, your AKRA project is the product of highly skilled construction professionals, committed to implementing the latest in construcion technologies and equipment to your project.

Just as each building is unique, each stop of the construction project offers AKRA the opportunity to deliver unique ideas and solutions to the final product. It is AKRA's intent to not just build buildings, but to build partners. This AKRA commitment insures the delivery and ongoing dedication to the long term enjoyment and utilization of AKRA's "Building Solutions™". It is the AKRA edge.



While "communication" is a buzzword used by many businesses, it is the foundation of every AKRA project. AKRA's commitment to each project results in a full range of communication medias providing the current project status for every client. These include:

1) Daily Updates - Provides daily reports to building owners and subcontractors on the daily progress of each project.

2) Weekly Photo Updates - Building owners will receive an email photo update providing an on-site view of activities during the week.

3) Weekly Reports - A weekly update is provided to all owners. This summary provides progress information for the week and looks ahead to what will be happening in the coming weeks. It also highlights any open items that remain to be addressed.


Design/Build Capabilities

The current business climate demands quick turnarounds, value-added services and streamlined operations within cost-effective budget constraints. In recent years it has become increasingly popular to utilize a single source design-build provider, like AKRA Builders, for a wide scope of many construction projects to achieve those goals.

In the simplest form, design-build is a system in which the project owner contracts with one entity to perform building design and/or engineering and construction under a single contract. The design-builder works with the owner throughout the process to select products and systems that meet the owner's performance criteria.


Building Specifications

Many AKRA projects are for companies or individuals constructing their very first building. The memories of the first construction project will be held by these customers long after the buliding is being utilized. As a result, AKRA is dedicated to providing education and information for every customer and every construction project. An integral element of this education/information process is the building specifications.

AKRA has become an industry leader in providing detailed information for every component of their projects. From concrete specifications of the foundation to details on the roofing system, AKRA offers a top to bottom breakdown of all quantities, qualities and characteristics of every material in your new AKRA project.


Job Safety Program

Working hand-in-hand with a qualified safety consultant, AKRA has implemented a top-notch safety program for each and every job site. Weekly safety meetings along with ongoing safety incentive programs help to insure that your AKRA project is delivered safely.


Post Construction Solutions

AKRA's unique solutions to the building process do not end with the completion of the building. Additional activities include:

Owner's Manual -
When purchasing a new car, owners receive a detailed owners manual describing the use and maintenance of their new purchase. Why should it be any different for the owner of a new building? AKRA provides a comprehensive owner's manual which provides detailed information on the material and systems that make up the project, as well as maintenance suggestions and schedules. From Alarm systems to HVAC drawings, the owner's manual provides the one resource for knowing all about the new structure.

One Year site update -
On the anniversary of a building's completion, AKRA makes a site visit to review the performance of the structure, and identify any opportunities for improving and extending the function and life of the building.

Business Facilitation -
Finally, as your building partner, our role does not end with the completion of the project. Rather, we feel it is our responsibility to identify business opportunities and ideas that can positively impact the growth and direction of AKRA's customer base. The AKRA team includes the former chairman of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce, as well as many other business professionals. As a result, AKRA is well suited to provide unique opportunities for business expansion and ideas to out customers.


Multi-State Service Area

Satisfied customers have been driving AKRA's growth and geographic expansion throughout the years. With the multi-state expansion of our diverse customer base, AKRA has developed the expertise to provide local service on a national level.

Today, clients in the Midwest, East and Southeastern United States all benefit from the same Midwestern Values that propelled AKRA's initial growth.